Connect with Muslims

Muslim or non Muslim, if you feel alone without friends or looking for friends then look no further. Or if you want to learn your purpose in life or looking for meaning still connect with us. If you seek Islam then please join us.

The main aim of the site is to connect converts/reverts, and give a basic information about islanm to those who want to learn. The are welcomed to the community, as we know that there are those interested in Islam but because of the environmental situation, it can be hard for them to practice or revert not to mention come out as Muslim or even search for it.

We seek to connect you with Muslim all over the states primarily but also UK and perhaps by the permission of Allah all over the world. Remember that the main aim is to connect people in real life who have no social connect nor support in life or learning the deen.

If you are someone who is interested in the goal them please join us to make this a reality.

We are mainly active in Telegram and discord soon inshaallh in reddit. Since we are a new server we welcome other to help us moderate the server.

If you reside in Georgia, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, California, NYC, New Jersey, Texas, Kansas, New Hampshire, Florida, Canada goes without saying. Manchester, London, Burmingham join us or connect with us.

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