Tawh33d Discord

As salaam alaykum, ever wanted to ask a question in islam or wanted to connect with people / Muslims. There is Twitter Reddit kik all of these are good but they lack interactivity. With discord you can’t have a good voice discussion as well as debate. One on one info on islam and of you want to be muslim, a step by step shahada where ever you are in the world. Most people in USA or UK or even ASIA want to connect with other Muslims and learn. But also Germany belgium South America China Russia South Africa perhaps Iceland people are curious. And if your in Canada I’m sure you have Pakistani friends.

Come to discord to connect with Muslims, have a laugh ask questions and discuss about the struggles with out judgement. Need a friend for support, play games pubg among us I’ve fun at times or if tou just need a friend to talk to. It’s noted that some of us don’t have friends at all and we are isolated in this world and the internet is the only wet we can connect with others and learn as well, so come connect with us and, wether you are Muslim or not and and maybe are curious about Islam. Just type tawh33d in Google and join.

Become an advocate of Islam hangout and chill in addition to leaning more. Maybe be a mod deppend in on the time zone of you I’ve the passion to invite others to Islam and you have knowledge . Share a food recipe, an experience in life, a meme or a joke and much much more.

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